PFA Lined Carbon Steel short stack tees flanged ASME150

Similar to equal and reducing tees but with a much shorter branch centerline to face dimension, short stack tees’ branches have a pad flange with threaded bolt holes.

This can be very useful if space is a limiting factor, such as around the top of reactors. They are often used for mounting instruments into the main flow and can make up a key part of manifold systems where space is at a premium.

CRP can supply theses in both equal and reducing branch designs, all are lined with HiPerFlon PFA fluoropolymers providing long service life.

Please note the branch flange bolt holes are supplied threaded UNC.

The dimensions below are to suit ASME B16.5 class 150 piping systems.

To Suit Pipework NB Line C/L – Face A Branch C/L – Face B Liner Thickness
Inches Inches Inches Inches
1″ 3.5 1.18 0.16
1.1/2″ 4 1.46 0.18
2″ 4.5 1.69 0.19
3″ 5.5 2.2 0.26
4″ 6.5 2.64 0.35
6″ 8 4.13 0.43

PFA lined short stack reducing teePFA lined short stack reducing tee