Metallic Flanged Sampling Valve – SD IL TC Sampling Systems, Inline Samplers

This inline sampling valve is specifically designed to safely obtain a sample from a chemical process pipeline.

They are widely used by our customers to safely and quickly take a representative sample from their processes.

The design is very flexible and can be supplied with many different process connections:

  • ASME 150 / DIN PN10/16 flanges
  • BPE Triclamp connections
  • BSP / NPT threaded connections
  • Swagelok compression fittings 

The above are just examples. If the connection can be welded then we are able to supply the SD-IL-TC sampler with those connections.

This sampler has a 316L stainless steel body and spindle as standard with PTFE and Chemraz FFKM seals. We can also provide the metallic parts in Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Super Duplex stainless steels etc to suit particular applications. 

How it works

This liquid chemical sampler is usually supplied with a double action spring return handle which closes the valve automatically as soon as it’s released. Operation is very easy and the operator can quickly obtain a sample of product as it flows through the sampling valve. 

There are no product entrapment areas and so there is no need to pre-run any liquor through the valve beforehand, the operator just screws the bottle in place and operates the handle dispensing just the volume of sample they require whilst viewing the sample bottle filling, saving wastage and cost.

When the valve is operated by pulling the handle out and down, the spindle is lifted from its seat and allows the liquid flowing through the valve to flow into the sample bottle. The stem has a replaceable machined PTFE ring seal. The valve spindle travel is adjustable in commissioning so that the sample bottle fills in a controlled manner regardless of the pressure or viscosity of the process.

Universal mounting

Ideal for where operators have limited access or to combine with the plant’s distributed control system, the inline sampler can also be remotely operated with a pneumatic actuator replacing the handle assembly.

The SD-IL-TC sampler can be supplied to suit vertical or horizontal pipelines. The sample is usually dispensed into a sample bottle, in which case we machine the threads of the sample bottle connector to match the customers site standard of bottles. 

A vent in the sample bottle connector prevents the bottle becoming pressurised and allows fumes to exit away from the operator. As a low cost option the sample can be dispensed through a PTFE tube into a hand held sample bottle.

Additional safety recommendations

CRP recommends that the bottle adaptor is contained within a safety cabinet to protect the bottle and operator. We offer a 0.11″ thick 316 stainless steel cabinet as standard, with a laminated glass door which can contain up to a 16 oz sample bottle.

The SD-IL-TC is suitable for use in processes up to 392°F at 232 PSI. We can also offer the sampler with a modified tip seal increasing the pressure rating to 348 PSI.

We can provide a wide range of modifications to our samplers. These can can include heating jackets within the sampler body, sampling into bags, sample coolers, bottle detection systems and so on.

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