Equal Tee 5

ASME Fittings

Lined with HiPerFlon PFA (up to / 7/16″ lining thickness) or PTFE fluoropolymer, all CRP fittings ensure long service life and exceptional performance in highly corrosive and demanding processes.

The majority of the fittings we manufacture at CRP are castings produced using the lost wax investment casting method. These are manufactured in the United Kingdom from carbon steel to ASTM A216 Grade WCB, and distributed across the United States.

They have no welds and have heavy wall sections so are very strong compared with their fabricated counterparts or ductile iron castings. They are dimensionally very accurate, and their markings are very easily read for traceability.

We manufacture all the standard fittings as found in ASME B16.5 as shown in the dimension table below along with other fittings such as short branch tees, instrument tees, reducing flanges etc.

We also supply the full range of fittings for the European market to the DIN 2848 piping standard.

We are able to produce custom designs of fittings with special dimensions, flanges, trunnions and supports etc.