PTFE lined Dip Pipe for use in Reactor Vessel Lids

Dip Pipes / Entry Pipes

CRP supplies dip pipes made from a carbon steel fabricated construction an a continuously lined paste extrusion PTFE liner. Our dip pipes are produced without any pinched or welded ends, thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques – this means a potential weak point has been completely eradicated.

Dip pipes have many uses across multiple applications. Most commonly, they’re used to charge a reactor below the liquid level, and to extract samples from the reactor as part of a sampling system. They can also be used to drain liquid from a vessel, without the need for a side or bottom outlet.

We’re able to supply both straight and curved dip pipes with anti-syphon systems. Our entry points are used to protect nozzles and introduce liquors into vessels where not too much mechanical strength is required.