Special flange safety shields

Custom Spray Guards and Shields

CRP can provide custom designs of safety shields, made to help dissipate leaks from flange joints across all types of inline process plant equipment. We can supply shields for typical equipment such as pumps, strainers, flowmeters, pressure gauges and more – all that’s needed is dimensional drawing (usually found in the manufacturer’s datasheet), and we can supply a suitable shield.

Our recommended shield construction uses two woven glass fibre cloth layers with a PTFE coating, and have a central viewing window produced from FEP. Suitable for use up to 392°F, we also use flame resistant metal aramid drawstrings to safely secure the shield around the equipment.

There are numerous options for our shields, including different construction materials, additional drains, acid indicator patches, and a choice of with or without windows.

Safety shield with drain connection.


Our PTFE drain connections can be provided with any of our fabric shields, or can be retrofitted easily to existing shields. They’re a simple 2 piece construction that clicks together firmly along with an o-ring to seal it against the fabric. Flexible tubing can be connected to the drain, with any possible leaks to occur from the flange joint being directed to a lower drain position.