Contained liquid sampling systems into a syringe

When there is a requirement to sample toxic and hazardous chemicals the CRP syringe sampler is the best solution. Our syringe is sealed from the environment and there are multiple seals within the tip of the syringe. 

The syringe operates on a cam mechanism so that when it is connected to the sampler it is initially forced on to the seat sealing to the atmosphere, then the sampler is opened dispensing the liquid or gas into the syringe. 

Once the syringe is full the cam action is reversed and the syringe and sampler first seal before the atmospheric seal breaks leaving a dry break between the mating halves.

The syringe can be connected to both horizontal and vertical pipelines.

We offer two capacities of syringe 1.69 oz and 3.38oz with wetted parts in stainless steel or where being used in highly corrosive processes in Hastelloy. All options of syringe sampler use Chemraz FFKM and PTFE seats and seals.

The borosilicate tube is 0.35″ wall glass and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, this is housed in a robust stainless steel housing.

The syringe sampler is available in sizes to connect to pipelined from ½” to 6”NB.

It is supplied with a carrying cap and a mating dispensing cap which releases the seals using the cam action and can dispense the sample though a PTFE nozzle in the test lab.

Syringe Function