PTFE lined stainless steel flanged piping systems

There are many advantages of stainless steel lined piping over carbon steel lined piping.

With stainless steel, there is no requirement for any preparation of substrate and over coating of steel to prevent corrosion.

Stainless steel does not need to be inspected for paint deterioration and does not require repainting, unlike painted steel. This saves time and money on plant shutdowns, scaffolding, removal of insulation, removal of paint and subsequent repainting.

Aesthetically, the stainless steel piping matches well around the heads of Hastelloy vessels keeping the plant looking uniform.

No chance of paint contamination to the process

Process contamination can be kept to a minimum, as  there is no possibility of paint to flake or chip. This is ideal in final stage processes or where the piping is regularly broken down for inspection, cleaning and revalidation.

Stainless steel has many advantages over carbon steel in resisting external corrosion in highly corrosive environments such as coastal, off shore or underground.

Van Stone pipe spools

Utilising Van Stone flanged pipe spools as elimination of welds and stub ends gives significant cost savings over welded fabrications. CRP aim to carry stock of stainless steel pipe and flanges so we can rapidly produce lined stainless steel pipe spools by this method. If required, we can of course supply welded construction pipe spools, still in remarkably short lead times.

CRP piping and fittings range can all be supplied in lined stainless steel. For further information or a quotation, please get in touch with the sales team.

We also offer PFA lined stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel poppet check valves and sight glasses to compliment the stainless steel PTFE lined piping. This enables us to offer a complete system with all wetted parts in HiPerFlon PTFE / PFA but having a stainless steel external finish.

The standard stainless steel piping from CRP is supplied with mill finish but we are able to supply polished piping if required.

How stainless steel material is reacting is critical with Chlorine ions and stress corrosion cracking should be considered in these situations.

PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Pipe Spool for use with very corrosive chemicals