PFA lined ball check valve for use with acids

The Atomac ARL ball check valve is an ideal solution for conveying highly corrosive acids thanks to its solid PTFE ball housed within a robust PFA lined cast body. 

Under normal flow conditions the solid PTFE ball is forced out of its seat and pushed away from the flow allowing fluid to pass through the valve body unhindered. If the flow reverses the PTFE ball falls with gravity back into its seat and prevents backward flow through the non-return valve. 

Ideal for slurry applications or low flow rates. The non-return ball check valve is available to suit both ASME B16.5 class 150 and DIN PN/10 piping systems.

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF

Dimensions To Suit ASME 150 and DIN Flanged Piping Systems

To Suit Pipework NB Face – Face A
Inches Inches
1″ 6.3
1.1/2″ 7.9
2″ 9.1
3″ 12.2

The valve body is PFA lined ductile iron body with stainless steel fasteners. The PFA liner is securely locked in to its housing with machined slots.  The use of PTFE and PFA for wetted parts means that it has near universal process corrosion resistance.

Atomac ARl Ball Check ValveARL Check Valve drg