PTFE lined Eccentric and Concentric Reducers PN10/16 flanges| CRP US

We stock three different HiPerFlon lined fittings to provide the nominal bore change when a pipeline size has to be stepped up or down.

Concentric reducers are flanged at each end, and are primarily used in vertical piping. Eccentric reducers are flanged in the same way, but are made for use in horizontal piping where the flat section through the reducer helps to prevent pooling of any liquid in the poping. Reducing flanges / plates can be used in tighter spaces around reactor heads, or where large step changes in bore are required, with the product being much more cost effective in larger diameters.

All the reducers in our range are made dimensionally to DIN 2848, but can be supplied with a mixture of flange standards (eg. ASME 105 flange at one end and DIN PN10 at the other). While our standard range is made from HiPerFlon lined carbon steel, we can alternatively offer lined stainless steel piping systems if required.

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