PFA lined inline chemical sampler with bottle adaptor

Liquid In-Line Sampling Valves

Our range of inline samplers have been used by many customers for sampling a wide selection of chemicals. CRP’s samplers feature stainless steel wetted parts used for sampling the less benign processes, and PFA linings for sampling highly corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric and nitric acid. Our range also includes volumetric samples manufactured by Flowserve and Globe Valves, such as types APN SG and Atopro.

Easy operation
All valves provide an environmentally friendly way of obtaining a representative sample in a simple, safe and controlled manner, wit no need to perform any pre-running of liquor. All valves can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal pipelines.

Safety cabinets
Installing your sampling valves with a safety cabinet can help to contain any potential spills or fumes. We supply stainless steel cabinets, the standard design of which can contain a 500ml bottle. We also offer many bespoke safety cabinet designs.

Size range and materials
Our inline sampling valves range from ½”NB up to 6″NB and can suit both ASME & DIN pipework. We offer valves made from multiple construction materials, with options including Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276, duplex alloys and more. You can also choose from different dispensing options, such as through a nozzle, septum capped bottle, sample bottle etc.