Belllow Safety Shields – Protect Plant and Personnel CRP US

According to guidance from the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and advice from international insurers, it’s strongly recommended that safety shields are used around each bellows. Because of its nature, the bellows the piping system’s weakest part, and safety shields can assist in mitigating risk to plant and operators.

Materials of Construction

  • PTFE encapsulated glass fibre draw cords 
  • Helps to contain leaks until the pipeline can be isolated.
  • Reduces risk of damage to operators and plant.
  • Clear window to allow easy inspection of expansion bellows.
  • Heavy duty 3-ply PTFE coated glass fibre construction.
  • Suitable for use up to temperatures up to 392° F.
  • Available to suit all sizes and types of CRP FluoroFlow bellows.
  • Easily fitted with central Velcro fastening and secure ties at each end.
  • Flexible materials to allow for bellows movement.

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