Anti Syphon solutions for PTFE lined Dip Pipes

Due to a phenomenon called the syphonic effect it is possible for a whole vessel’s contents to drain back through the dip pipe and past a stationary pump impeller back into an IBC etc. 

To prevent this and keep the liquor in the intended vessel we can supply any dip pipe with an anti-siphon system to vent the dip pipe safely within the reactor and create an air break. An instrument tee is fitted on the top of the process flange and coupled to another via a PTFE hose or PTFE lined steel piping positioned below the vessel flange and having access to the vessel interior. Under any condition inducing suction, gases are drawn from within the vessel around the head of the dip pipe rather than the liquid contents being siphoned out.

This system improves on the original antisyphon hole design of dip pipes which causes a weakness.

PTFE lined Dip Pipe for use in Reactor Vessel Lids with Anti Syphon Systemsiphon cutaway new