Long Patter PFA / PTFE lined butterfly valves

With the valve body thickness increased, the long pattern BTV2000 butterfly valve is an enhancement to the original design.

The increased thickness allows the valve disc to open unhindered into the adjoining pipeline. This is typically required when the pipework has heavy duty thick wall linings which reduce the bore of the piping and the room available for the disc to rotate into. 

This problem has previously been overcome by fitting PTFE spacers with an oversized bore, however having 3 wafer pattern items bolted together in one joint is not ideal. 

Flowserve has produced a complete range of new castings with the thicker bodies to alleviate this problem. All of the standard valves advantages and features are incorporated in this wider bodied valve. 

The PFA lined disc along with the PTFE lined body which is machined from one solid billet of PTFE, are to provide long trouble free performance in highly corrosive processes.

Long pattern butterfly valves1