PFA lined reduced bore Atomac AKH3 ball valves CRP US

A reduced bore, fully lined valve produced in a short pattern body to ASME B16.10 with ASME 150 flanges. To offer a low cost solution to control modulating flow, the Atomac AKH3 valve is often supplied with a V-ported valve. Each valve goes through a thorough pneumatic seat test and hydraulic shell test before being shipped, and is suitable for use up to 19 Barg at 40°C.

Top Works Drawings

Actuation Torques

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF

Dimensions To Suit ASME 150 Piping Systems

To Suit Pipework NB Face – Face A CL to end of wrench B CL to top of wrench C
Inches Inches Inches Inches
1″ 5.0 6.3 4.7
1.1/2″ 6.5 6.3 4.7
2″ 7.0 8.3 5.7
3″ 8.0 8.3 6.3
4″ 9.0 12.3 8.1
6″ 10.5 12.3 8.7
8″ 11.5 13.3 12.3
10″ 13.0 17.7 14.7
12″ 14.0 17.7 14.7

The AKH3 has many features that make it one of the best lined ball valves in the world, cavity filled seats ensure minimum product hold up. Anti-blow out stem prevents stem blow out even if the top works are removed. Stainless steel fasteners ensure long term protection from external corrosion. The floating ball offers low turning torques and low pressure positive sealing. The seats, ball, stem and stem packing all easily replaceable on site allowing easy maintenance and overhaul.

For further information please download the technical manual or call 01706 756 400.

AKH3 4 inch 2AKH3 Drg