PTFE lined pipe spool with fixed / rotating flanges used to convey corrosive media

Pipe Spools and Spacers ASME Class 150

For highly corrosive applications, paste extruded PTFE lined pipe spools from CRP are your first choice. They are lined in high performance fine powder HiPerflon PTFE, which is produced using the paste extrusion process.

CRP can offer a variety of steelwork housings, and supply virgin and anti-static lined steel pipe to suit customer’s requirements.

We can also supply our Ultra HiPerFlon liner for applications where highly permeant media is conveyed. The liner is extruded using a modified PTFE polymer which has a low void content and offers a longer service life on hot, halogenated services. Pipe spools are available up to 20′ long from ½” – 6”NB and in maximum lengths of 10′ from 8” – 14”NB.

Pipe spools can be supplied with flanges to all common standards including ASME class 150 / class 300 etc.