Multi flanged manifold 3

Special Piping Items

We normally recommend that plant designs are based around international piping standards like ASME B16.5 and DIN 2848, but sometimes there are certain circumstances where these standard dimensioned fittings cannot be used. In these scenarios, CRP aims to try and assist our customers when they are faced with space constraints, unusual flange connections, strange probe mounts etc. with any fluoropolymer lined steel components. Our Engineering team will assess what is required within the given space, and offer our best solution in either a PFA or PTFE lined component.

As well as specially made components we can also provide welded trunnions or supports on our piping, as these should always be welded in place before any lining of the equipment.

Here are some examples of recent unusual bespoke piping we have manufactured.

If you need help with a challenging or unusual application we would be happy to receive an enquiry from you.