AKH2 DN050_f

Ball Valves

In 1982, CRP introduced the Atomac series of PFA-lined valves to the UK market, and they are now distributed globally, including in the United States. Since that time, we have consistently stocked and supplied an expanding range of fluoropolymer-lined valves, sight glasses, and related accessories.

As an integral part of the Flowserve Group, the Atomac division continues to thrive, establishing itself as the leading market provider of PFA-lined valves. It is trusted as the Site Standard in numerous world-class chemical and pharmaceutical processing companies.

A broad selection of ball valves is available with options in both design and size. The largest valve within the range measures 24″ NB. All valves come flanged to accommodate either ASME or DIN specifications.

The AKH2 serves as the core valve, featuring a full bore and a long pattern. In contrast, the AKH3 is exclusively offered in ASME 150, featuring a reduced bore and a short pattern. The AKH2A series is constrained in size, extending up to 6″ NB ASME 150. Nonetheless, its popularity is driven by its status as a cost-effective alternative, featuring a full bore within a short pattern design.

The valve selection incorporates various distinctive features tailored to each product, including T-slots for securing the PFA liner, chevron packing to minimize emissions, metal-to-metal body seals for inline robustness, cavity-filled seats to diminish product hold-up, and a floating ball design to optimize actuation costs, among others.