Durco G4 non lubricated plug valves for chemical service| CRP US

CRP are suppliers of the Flowserve manufactured Durco G4 plug valve range.

Used for almost 60 years throughout the chemical and refinery industries, the G4 plug valve has exceptional sealing performance with its large area PTFE sleeve.

It is available to suit ASME B16.5 Class 150 and Class 300 for use up to 761 PSI. 

Connection options

The non lubricated plug valve has a wide selection of connection options, being available with:

  • Flanges
  • Butt welds
  • Socket welds
  • Threaded / screwed versions

The comprehensive size range starts from ½”NB up to 18” NB in a plethora of body and plug materials. 

We also offer the Durco G4E plug valve for DIN PN10/16 flanged applications. Firesealed versions are also available – the G4Z with Grafoil packing rings, gaskets and additional metallic diaphragm in stainless steel or Monel.

CRP can also supply the G4 plug valve with partial or full heated jackets for keeping bitumen for example at workable temperatures and is also available in a 3 way configuration.

Further Info – Dimensions, Top Works Details, Torque Figures, IOMs etc.

ASME 150 G4

ASME 300 G4

G411 DN3 Zoll 1.4408_f