Tubular sight glass with boroilicate glass tube and PFA flanges DTSG
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Robust Sight Glasses for Chemical Processing

CRP’s offers a range of highly reliable tubular sight glasses that feature 360° viewing of process liquor. They are made from heavy wall Borosilicate Glass up to 0.35″ thickness which is suitable for use up to 145 PSI at 302° F. For our tubular sight glasses we also recommend Perspex safety shields for increased operator safety.

Our most popular design has PFA lined carbon steel flanges to compliment our PTFE / PFA lined piping systems. PFA lined stainless steel flange ends are also available and can also supply unlined stainless steel flange ends for lines that are not carrying such corrosive mediums that require our HiPerFlon linings.

CRP also stocks components to produce sight glasses of the standard length – the same as Atomac AKH2 valves.  We call these CTSG tubular sight glasses.

We can also supply both shorter and longer lengths of tubular sight glasses up to 59″, these use all the same materials of the CTSG only their finished lengths differ, we call these sight glasses with a special length DTSG tubular sight glasses.