PFA lined inline chemical sampler with glove ported cabinet

Bespoke Samplers

To safely take a representative sample from process lines, vessels, filter dryers, storage tanks and more, CRP manufactured sampling valves and systems are the industry choice.

We offer solutions for liquid sampling, gas sampling and powder sampling.

Whether they be high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, corrosive, difficult to access and so on – our design team are able to offer unique solutions to challenging sampling applications.

Even for very corrosive processes where comparable designs machined from solid Hastelloy or similar would be very expensive, with access to extensive mould tooling we can produce special system designs with PFA moulded components providing the best solutions.

Special containment cabinets can be provided to protect both the operator and environmen. The one shown in the image below has:

  • A door locking facility
  • Glove ports with rubber gauntlets
  • Arapid transfer port to allow the sample bottle to be held in another container and transported to the lab without contact to the operator.

Additionally, there were concerns that the sample might solidify so the whole sampling valve incorporated a steam heating jacket, whilst still being PFA lined for incorporation in the customers very corrosive and toxic process line.