PTFE or PFA lined carbon steel Elbows ASME 150 / 300

CRP produces a variety of non standard elbows. For many years we have been supporting our customers with their special requirements. We have produced a wide variety of bespoke elbows as a result.

Elbows with special angles.

Elbows can be supplied dimensionally to ASME B16.5 but at nonstandard angles. Following the standards dimensions, all elbows from 1° to 45° would be supplied with the same CL-F as the ASME B16.5 45° elbow. Elbows that have an angle from 46° to 90° would adopt the same CL-F dimensions as the B16.5 90° elbows.


Elbows with special dimensions.

If dimensions fall outside of ASME B16.5, CRP are able to offer a wide range of custom HiPerFlon PTFE lined elbows to suit particularly challenging installation applications or particular process requirements.


Elbows with trunnions and supports etc.

Due to the great risk of the heat generated damaging the lining, we strongly advise against carrying out any welding on our PTFE lined products. Where supports are required we will fabricate these and weld them to the fitting before it is lined with PTFE to guarantee the integrity of the product. We produce these supports to the customer’s drawings.


Elbows with special flanges.

We can produce elbows with a mixture of ASME and DIN or BS 10 flanges or with special bespoke flanges.

As with all our fittings we can supply elbows lined in both virgin and antistatic HiPerFlon PTFE high performance linings.

The steel is usually carbon steel but we also offered PTFE lined stainless steel too, for use in clean room or where external corrosion is a problem such as marine environments.



Large radius elbowtrunnion