PFA lined poppet check valves widely used for nitrogen blankets

The WPCV non return valve is an industry standard for line poppet check valves, and is suitable for use within many processes. Initially designed as a true check valve, it’s since been adopted to work as a simple pressure relief valve, controlling nitrogen blankets on vessels.

As standard, the WPVC is supplied with a spring that provides 0.2 PSI cracking pressure, with other values available up to 1.45 PSI.

Wetted parts of glass filled PTFE, PFA and Hastelloy can provide resistance and long life when working with corrosive materials, with an upgrade from the Hastelloy spring to one with an encapsulated PTFE lining available for very arduous duties.

Clever features of the WPCV include a conical spring that ensures the spring doesn’t become “coil bound” on opening, which reduces wear and enables the valve to fully open. The product also has a large open area to minimize the pressure drop across it, while a removable seat plate held with a circlip allows the valve to be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

To Suit ASME 150 and Din PN10/16 Flanged Piping Systems

To Suit Pipework Face – Face Valve ø Raised Face ø Weight
ASME 150 Piping System
Inches Dim. A Inches Dim. B Inches Dim. C Inches Pounds
1/2 1.2 1.8 1.4 0.4
1 1.4 2.5 2 0.5
1 1/2 1.8 3.2 2.9 1.1
2 2.2 4 3.6 1.7
3.0 2.8 5.2 5 3.5
4 3.1 6.7 6.2 5.3

The WPCV is manufactured from a machined stainless steel body with a PFA lining providing a crush proof design.  All wetted parts are PTFE, PFA and Hastelloy. The spring assisted poppet ensures that it can be widely used in both vertical and horizontal pipelines. The PFA moulded body provides better performance than PTFE or PTFE lined check valves with the PFA being much more stable ensuring the poppet remains floating to function properly.


WPCV PFA Lined Wafer Poppet Check Valve with Hastelloy SpringWPCV PFA Lined Wafer Poppet Check Valve with Hastelloy SpringMicrosoft PowerPoint - Why Buy.pptx