Durco T4E PFA lined Plug Valves, for acid service.

The T4E plug valve has a cast steel or ductile iron body with a PFA fluoropolymer lining. 

To provide maximum corrosion resistance against the harshest of chemicals, the plug valve is encapsulated in PFA.

Safe and secure seals

The seat sealing area is far greater than that of comparable ball valve, assuring bubble tight shut off. The seal is assured both up and down stream independent of the line pressure. 

The valve can be re-seated whilst inline by a quick and easy stem adjustment, so there is no need to replace seats.

CRP can supply the T4E plug valve with flanges to suit ASME B16.5 Class 150 or Class 300 piping systems as well as DIN PN10/16 flanges.

See below for further ingo on Dimensions, Top Works Details, Torque Figures, IOMs etc.

ASME 150 T4E

ASME 300 T4E

DIN PN 10/16 T4E