Stainless steel, PVDF and Polypropylene safety cabinets

We recommend that all sampling valves and sampling systems are supplied complete with a safety cabinet housing the sample bottle. A cabinet offers these advantages over a sampler with an unprotected sample bottle:
• Fumes are extracted from the cabinet if it is connected to a vacuum extraction system as we recommend.
• Protection for the glass bottle from external damage.
• Protection from any spillages which could occur.
• Levels of isolation from the sample depending upon cabinet design.

Standard Design
We offer a standard design of cabinet which is manufactured from 316 stainless steel offering good corrosion protection from the elements.

The standard cabinet has these features:
• Hinged front opening door with laminated safety glass window.
• Vent flange in side, 1”NB ASME 150 complete with blank flange which can be connected to an extraction system.
• Drain connection in base of cabinet complete with ½”BSP plug.
• Tunded base to contain spills.
• Removable perforated tray in base for easy cleaning.
• Large door catch, easily opened and closed even when wearing thick gloves.
• The cabinet can be rotated around the base of sampler so the window provides the best view to the operator.
• The cabinet is 280mm High 190mm wide and 140mm deep suitable to house bottles up to 250ml.

Special Cabinets
Where there are additional requirements our team can produce special cabinet designs.
Here are a few examples which we have previously supplied:
• Polypropylene cabinets.
• Oversized cabinets for large volumes or for housing a whole sampling system.
• Large diameter or flanged drains.
• Large diameter extraction ports on the rear.
• Interlocks on the door.
• Glove ports and rubber gauntlets.
• Rapid transfer ports providing secondary isolation to the sample bottle.
• Additional windows.
• We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer the best solution.

Sampler with cabinetPFA lined liquid sampler complete with interlock and safety cabinet