Unlined Stainless Steel Sight Glasses

Our stainless steel tubular sight glasses are designed to offer the highest levels of process viewing, with a clear Borosilicate Glass tube offering a full 360 degrees of viewing.

The glass used is of a heavy wall construction up to 0.354″ thick and, depending on nominal bore, the sight glasses can be used in processes up to 145 PSI and 302 degrees F.

Flange ends are manufactured from stainless steel and can be supplied to suit ASME 150 or DIN PN10 and PN16.

At CRP, we recommend that all our sight glasses are supplied with an outer acrylic shield. This shield helps to prevent mechanical damage of the glass from external elements.

Additionally we offer a standard length of sight glass equivalent to the Atomac AKH2 valve in length. We call this our CTSG Tubular Sight Glass, and we can supply all sizes of sight glasses in shorter or longer lengths up to 59″, we call these with a special length DTSG Tubular Sight Glasses.

Dimensions below are for the standard CTSG Tubular Sight Glass available to suit both ASME 150 and DIN PN10/16 flanges to EN558-1 basic series 1.

To Suit PipeworkFace – FaceFlange øRaised Face øWeight 500mm lg.Glass
ASME 150 Flanged Piping Systems
InchesDim. A InchesDim. B InchesDim. C InchesPoundsø InchesWall Inches
1 1/
DIN PN 10/16 Flanged Piping Systems
1 1/

Tubular sight glass with boroilicate glass tubeTubular sight glass with boroilicate glass tube