Info on our Sampling valves Levers, Handwheels and Actuators

Our range of sampling valves can be supplied with different operator options, spring return levers, handwheels or actuated.

Handle with twin action operation

The most requested version of our sampling valves, the handle has two springs which will snap the valve closed when released. The valve can’t be operated by pulling down on the lever, preventing any accidental use; Instead, the lever has to be first pulled outwards to clear the hub, before being pushed down to lift the spindle clear of the seat to dispense the sample. There’s a hole at the end of the solid stainless steel shaft to which a padlock can be fitted, preventing any unauthorised operation of the sampler. The handle assemblies are used on our inline, vessel, and surface mount samplers.


The handwheel assembly uses a moulded plastic handwheel, very much like a globe valve, to open and close the the valve when turned. It doesn’t offer the same inherent safety features of our spring return safety handle though, and could potentially be left open by an operator.

Pneumatic actuator

If a sample has to be taken remotely or incorporated into an automated system, the sampling valve can be supplied with a pneumatic diaphragm actuator. The actuator assembly comes with an integral stroke adjustment screw which allows the flow into the sample bottle to be done in a controlled manner, whatever the line pressure of sample viscosity.