STCV Swing Check Valve

Designed for use in highly corrosive processes, the STCV swing check valve possesses a high integrity, fully PFA encapsulated, one-piece disc with integral hinge pin and PFA lined body.

It includes a retained disc design to overcome installation problems associated with 2-piece designs. For example, if the installer is not careful the disc can be dropped whilst locating between the mating flanges.

The angled seat allows the valve to be installed in both horizontal and vertical applications, and the non-return valve has a simple operation and is ideal for use in controlling backflow of corrosive slurries as well as clean and clear applications. The size range up to 12” NB and its wafer pattern design makes it an ideal choice for larger bore piping processes, where fully flanged checked valves become very expensive.

To Suit ASME 150 and Din PN10/16 Flanged Piping Systems

To Suit PipeworkValve øRaised Face ø Weight
ASME 150 Piping System    
InchesDim. A InchesDim. B InchesDim. C InchesPounds
To Suit PipeworkValve øRaised Face ø   Weight
DIN PN 10/16 Piping System      
InchesDim. A InchesDim. B Inches Dim. C Inches Pounds

PFA lined Swing Check Valves - STCV for use with very corrosive chemicalsGA Drawing of PFA lined Swing Check Valves - STCV for use with very corrosive chemicals