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The AtoPro volumetric sampler is the latest sampler produced by Flowserve under their Atomac range of PFA lined valve and sight glasses.

To provide long service life in the most corrosive processes, the AtoPro is available with PFA lining like all valves in the range. There is also an option for an unlined stainless steel sampling valve alongside the lined sampling valve. The Atopro has a ball at the heart of it that has a captive cavity that captures a ‘cup’ of the sample liquid as it flows through the pipe line, by turning the handle through 180 degrees the same is dispensed from the valve and flows into the sample bottle. Each half turn of the handle dispenses further sample liquid into the bottle.

The perfect choice for sampling corrosive chemicals.
With the right selection of materials the sampler can be used to obtain a representative sample from very corrosive processes like Nitric or Sulphuric acids.  The sampler design is idea to obtain a sample from a pipeline under vacuum conditions as the process is at all times isolated from the atmosphere with a pair of PTFE seats sealing against the valve.

The sample is dispensed into PTFE bottle adaptor which has a GL45 thread as standard but can also be supplied with threads to suit the customers own site standard bottles.

Heighten your safety and security.
We recommend that the sample bottle is mounted within a safety cabinet to protect the bottle and the operator. We offer a 316 stainless steel cabinet with a laminated glass door as standard, whilst other designs and materials of construction are available.

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF


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PFA lined volumetric sampler