Manufacturer of PTFE lined dip pipe and dip legs

A dip leg is variation on  a dip pipe which has only a single flange without the upstand, which allows some space saving around a reactor head. If bolting to a reactor vessel flange they typically will have an adaptor flange too as the connection needs to have a large enough bore to allow the lined dip leg to pass through. Dip legs can also be bolted directly to a pipe discharge straight into a tank or vessel without the need for support from a vessel lid etc.

Like dip pipes the dip legs are lined with just one length of HiPerFlon PTFE tube which lines and protects both the bore and the outer of the steel pipe. This design successfully eliminates potential dip pipe and reactor failures.

The HiPerFlon lining provides long service life and is available in virgin and static dissipating fluoropolymers.

Dip legs are available from ¾”NB up to 8”NB with larger diameters possible too.

To help specify a dip leg please use our questionnaire which can be downloaded here.

dip leg 5Dip leg CS