PFA lined plug valve offering excellent sealing Durco T4E

Non Lubricated and PFA lined plug valves

CRP are the US distributor for Flowserve’s range of Durco plug valves.

We supply both the T4E range of PFA lined plug valves and the G4 series of metallic sleeved plug valves. Plug valves offer exceptional bubble tight shut off, and can be adjusted and re-seated inline. They also have far larger sealing areas than similar sized ball valves.

For extremely corrosive applications, the T4E with PFA lining is the first choice. 

The G4 is available in a wide range of materials from carbon steel to exotic materials. We can supply the G4 plug valve with many enhancements such as heating jackets, characterised plugs for flow control, and additional stem sealing arrangements for reduced emissions. There is also a three way version available for mixing and diverter applications.