For slurry application PTFE lined 90° long radius elbows

Long radius elbows are ideal for viscous media, slurry or abrasive processes. Typically these are based on a 5D bend, that is where the radius of the bend is 5 times the diameter of the pipe although we also supply 3D bends too. We manufacture these in 45 degree and 90 degree options. All are produced with HiPerFlon PTFE linings in virgin or antistatic PTFE.

Elbows are normally supplied with fixed flanges but we can offer rotating flanges too as well as PTFE lined stainless steel.

The dimensions below are for long radius 90 degree elbows to suit ASME 150 piping systems.

To Suit Pipework NB 5D Elbow Center Line – Face A 3D Elbow Center Line – Face A Liner Thickness
Inches Inches Inches Inches
1″ 5 n/a 0.13
1.1/2″ 7.5 4.5 0.13
2″ 10 6 0.13
3″ 15 9 0.13
4″ 20 12 0.18