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Field Flare Spool With Van Stone Flanges Type ES1067

The ES1067 field flare spools are supplied in 10′ lengths.

The spool has vent holes drilled at 12″ intervals and can be cut down as many times as is practical to manufacture multiple shorter lengths. As this is a tight fit liner, it can only be used by having a threading and parting off machine to expose the liner for flaring and to provide the thread for a flange. Only threaded flanges can be used.

This product is ideal for use in hot climates where slide fit liners would not be suitable. CRP recommends that only our special designed threaded companion flanges are used with these spools.

This product does require some machinery for cutting and threading the pipe and there is a slight risk of damaging the liner during the “parting off” activity.

Field flare pipe spools are available from 1”NB to 4” NB up to 10′ long.

To Suit Pipework NB PTFE liner Thickness
Inches Inches
1″ 0.13
1.1/2″ 0.13
2″ 0.13
3″ 0.13
4″ 0.18


Training and certification

CRP offers full training and certification for field flaring on site of PTFE pipe spools. Click here for more information.

We can supply a full range of field flare tooling, please contact us for a quotation.


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