Sample dispensend into threaded sample bottle

Dispensing a sample into a screw capped bottle is CRP’s most commonly supplied method. It allows the customer to view the sample filling the bottle to the required volume. The bottle adaptor is manufactured from PTFE and we can supply these to suit GL45 threaded bottles from stock.

There are many different sizes of bottles and threads, resulting in customers often having their own standard which they wish to use. In these cases we ask for a bottle to be provided from the customer so that we can manufacture the threads of the bottle connector to suit the desired bottle.

The bottle connector has an integral vent that allows the displaced gasses to escape as the bottle is filled which prevents the bottle being pressurised. The fumes are vented through an 8mm diameter PTFE tube which should be directed away from the operator or piped into an extraction system.

We can supply the bottle connector with a matching threaded cap that can be left screwed in place to prevent contamination if required.



Surface mount chemical sampling valve