CRP manufacture PTFE lined spectacle blinds and spades

Paddle Blinds / Blanking Spades

We manufacture very robust PTFE lined spades, typically 3mm thick stainless steel with bonded PTFE linings to the raised face dimensions. They can be slipped into unbolted flange joint and when re-bolted to provide 100% line sealing. Ideal for maintenance and shutdowns where any corrosive chemicals need properly isolating from personnel. Paddle blinds are also used to blank off and protect delicate instruments and other pipeline equipment from high pressure hydrotests.

Spectacle Blinds

They are designed to be left permanently in a pipe line and with the bolts removed from the joint they can be rotated to either completely block the line or to allow free flow through the pipeline. For the more common sizes we manufacture PFA lined stainless steel spectacle blinds. The PFA is moulded around the steelwork and forms integral sealing faces. The design is very robust and the PFA linings are locked into the steelwork, they will provide long service life even with very corrosive chemicals. For larger sizes we provide PTFE lined spectacle blinds, where the PTFE is bonded to the steelwork.

Orifice Spades

Used to restrict flow and provide pressure drops which can be used to measure flow, our Orifice Spades are manufactured from solid PTFE, either virgin or antistatic. Typically the orifice is drilled centrally but can also provide the plates with eccentric orifices.

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