PFA / PTFE Lined Y-Type stainer- Atomac ASF for use with very corrosive chemicals

PFA / PTFE lined ASME 150 Filters and Strainers

CRP offers the Flowserve range of Atomac Y-type strainers. Like all Atomac range products the strainers are manufactured with a PFA lining to provide the best possible performance in highly corrosive processes. The strainer has a PTFE basket, which as a standard is provided with a 300 micron ECTFE mesh to prevent particles flowing past the strainer. We also offer other sizes of mesh if required to suit your application.


The ASF strainer has been designed to lose minimal pressure using a large area PTFE filter basket. The basket is manufactured from two interlocking  PTFE cylinders with a filter screen sandwiched between them. The filter basket has been designed so that it can be removed for cleaning or changing without removing the strainer from the pipe line. The ASF strainer has a PTFE drain plug to drain fluid prior to basket removal. If easy draining is required we can supply a drain valve to replace this.

To Suit Pipework NB Face – Face A CL to end of basket B
Inches Inches Inches
1″ 6.5 4.9
1.1/2″ 8.0 5.9
2″ 9.0 6.5
3″ 12.5 11.0
4″ 14.5 12.0
6″ 18.5 16.1
8″ 23.6 22.4