Keep track of the condition of your flange joints

It’s crucial to ensure that after any installation of PTFE lined piping, that the bolts are correctly torqued and then checked to ensure the integrity of the flange joint. When an existing flange joint has been disturbed, this again needs to be correctly remade with its status known and recorded.

This task can become quite difficult to coordinate and control, with both planned shutdowns and new installations having potentially many flange joints to check. The recording of these tasks and inspections becomes complex and difficult to manage.

CRP’s solution

Our solution to help with this process is a Joint Integrity Tag, fitted to immediately show the status of any joint which has been broken or yet to be assembled.

The Joint Integrity Tags are multicolored plastic which should be marked with a waterproof marker pen. Each tag has a unique number which should be recorded against the isometric line drawing, P&ID or database indicating the details of the flange joint and building up a history of the work conducted on the joint.

How it works

Whilst work is carried out on the joint, the related stage tag is marked by the fitter and then parted from the others and returned to the central person(s) responsible for the overall integrity of the works being conducted.

The person can collate all of the tags and quickly ascertain which joints still need to have work on them before the plant can be returned to service. The tag information is recorded and builds a maintenance record for that joint and the pipe run.

Flange joint integrity tag 2