B16.5 Class 150 flanged PFA lined sampling valve

Manufactured by Flowserve and forming part of their Atomac range of PFA lined ductile iron valves.

The sample valve has a PFA lined ball which forms a ‘cup’ that is filled with sample liquid as it flows through the valve and by rotating the handle through 180° the sample contained in the cup is transferred to the sample bottle. This means that the process line is isolated from the bottle at all times. This makes it ideal for taking samples under vacuum. Also it is inherently safe through it’s operation as it impossible to leave the valve open, the handle must be turned through 180 degrees to provide a sample.

The volume of the ball cavity is fixed and differs depending on the nominal bore of the sampler, the handle should be cycled through 180 degrees until the required volume of sample is dispensed into the sample bottle.

Ideal for sampling corrosive chemicals

The body and ball are lined with PFA and the seats and dispensing arrangement are PTFE, a borosilicate window is also incorporated into the design. All materials are chosen for their excellent corrosion resistance for use with highly corrosive acids like Nitric and Sulphuric. The ball seating arrangement is the same as utilized in the other ball valves in the Atomac range so is excellent and based on decades of high performance.

Whilst the sight glass is useful for observing the process stream, if this is not wanted then the volumetric sampler can be supplied without this – the APN/T.

The APN/SG and APN/T volumetric inline samplers are available to suit 1” – 3”NB ASME 150 or DIN PN10/16 piping systems and are suitable for use under full vacuum up to a maximum working pressure of 87 PSI at a maximum working temperature of 302° F.

We recommend they are supplied with a safety cabinet to protect both the sample bottle and the operator.

Installation, Maintenance and General Guidance PDF

Technical Databook PDF

As well as the APN/SG sampler we can also supply the Atomac AtoPro sampler, click here for further info.

PFA lined chemical sampler APN/SG with polypropylene safety cabinetPFA Lined Volumetric Sampling Valves for Corrosive Chemicals - Atomac APN/SG