Van Stone Flanged Ends

To suit pipework NBPTFE liner ThicknessLength Min.Length Max.

Our Van Stone pipe spools have two rotating flanges, and they make for very easy site installation. The sealing faces are produced by mechanically flaring the steel tube to form a lap collar perpendicular to the pipe.

Van Stone pipe spools are available from ½”NB  up to 8” NB  up to 20′ long.

Bolt lengths are kept to a minimum and the design offers cost savings over standard welded constructions, this is especially the case when stainless steel piping is required. The pipe spools are lined with an interference fit paste extruded HiPerFlon PTFE liner, flared at each end to raised face dimensions, providing all wetted parts in PTFE. Van Stone pipe spool are often supplied fitted with Spikie earthing washers to help provide onsite protection against static build up, for more information on  Spikies please follow this link.

All our lined piping is lined with HiPerFlon PTFE which is produced by paste extrusion technique, they have thick liners meeting ASTM F1545 which is the de facto International Standard for lined piping. Paste extruded liners off the best performance with lowest permeation rates. All piping is subjected to a hydrotest at 420 p.s.i. and virgin liners also electrostatically tested at 24 kV.


PTFE lined carbon steel spool with Van Stone flanged ends