High permeation venting for PTFE lined piping

When PTFE lined piping is used to convey highly permeable media like Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) we would always recommend that the piping is supplied with our UHP venting system. This has been developed to safely manage the venting of permeant gases from the PTFE lined piping minimising the corrosion of the external steelwork around the vent.

We have a full range of vent bosses, reducers, plugs and extensions to ensure that the very best venting system is supplied to our customers. We just need to be advised if the system is going to be lagged or not.

The basic principal of all our system is to prevent the local corrosion of the piping around the vent hole which can often be extensive if not properly managed. We have to thank the original ICI company for initially recognising this and creating the EDS.PIP.53.01 specification which correctly specifies PTFE vent plugs and steel bosses to be used with PTFE / PFA lined piping systems. We have used feedback received from our customers along with our own product know how to improve on this original specification and now supply our UHP venting system to all the remaning former ICI sites in the UK and to many others to assist with alleviating these permeation issues.

For further information on the various venting systems available from CRP please download our brochure here.

PTFE vent plug and vent boss - UHP venting system to release permeationPTFE vent plug and vent boss - UHP venting system to release permeation