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All of the Kammer range of PFA lined control valves come equipped with a Flowserve manufactured diaphragm actuator.

There are a choice of two standard types of actuator. We can supply a Valtek FlowAct series with an epoxy coated casing or where external corrosion could also be a problem, a Kammer Series 2 actuator which is manufactured from long lasting stainless steel providing hassle free performance.

Each actuator series has a wide range of sizes and spring pack options to suit the customer’s available air supply so you can be sure the control valve will be supplied with the correctly sized actuator to maintain accurate flow control.

Their compact design keeps the installation footprint to a minimum.

As part of the control feedback loop we supply positioners to match the customers specifications, either traditional 3-15 psi / 4-20 mA or higher specifications to integrate into HART systems etc.

For more details please download the actuator brochures by clicking on the links below;
Kammer Series 2
Valtek FlowAct series


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