Expanded PTFE Gaskets - CRPs FluoroGask Range, excellent sealing


CRP’s gaskets are some of the best flange sealing solutions made from PTFE. Two types of gasket design are available, both made from PTFE, a material well known for its strong sealing abilities, and its high level of corrosion resistance. PTFE gaskets can be supplied to suit ASME 150 and DIN PN10/16 flanged connections.

Reinforced PTFE gaskets

The ToughGask gasket has a moulded PTFE body and a perforated stainless steel core that ensures a robust product. The ToughGask gasket is both reusable and suited to metallic flange joints, providing long-term cost savings.

Expanded PTFE gaskets

The FluroGask gasket is made from pre-compressed, expanded PTFE that resists cold flow and ensures high joint integrity. It’s also FDA approved, and used frequently within pharmaceutical plants.