PTFE sliding spectacle blinds providing positive shutoff

A more permanent form of blanking spade, sliding blinds combine the functions of blanking spades with ring spacers. They’re installed into the pipeline as a water fitting and require the flange bolting to be loosened so it can be slid into its closed or open position. Produced from solid PTFE, they allow unhindered flow through the pipeline in their open state, but when closed positively and effectively seal the pipeline, preventing any flow and protecting plant and personnel. In comparison to blanking spades, they have the advantage of being quite clear as to whether the blind is open or closed. The slotted holes fit the bolting and align the blind within the flange joint.

To Suit Pipework NB A BC
1/2" 153.52.360.39
3/4" 203.92.760.39
1" 254.25 3.110.39
1.1/2" 405.03.860.39
2" 506.04.760.63
3" 807.56.00.63
4" 1008.07.51.06
8"20013.5 11.751.06

Once the flange joint has been jacked apart the blind is slid from open to closed on two bolts

Please note we only supply PTFE/PFA lined or solid PTFE spades and blinds, we do not supply metallic blinds with serrated faces etc. Typically used in the petrochemical industry.

Sliding spec blindsliding spec CSMicrosoft PowerPoint - wb bellows.pptx