Produce your own PTFE lined pipe spools on site| CRP US

The ES1048 field flare spools are supplied in lengths 10′ long.

The spool can be cut down as many times as practical and used to manufacture many shorter lengths, each time the pipe spool flanged ends must be fabricated on site. 

Flanges can be welded, used in conjunction with a welded stub end to provide a rotating flange or the pipe threaded and a threaded and hubbed companion flange fitted. Once the steelwork is finished with the flanges in place the liner is introduced back into the steelwork and the PTFE cut to the correct length and flared to produce the finished spool. 

CRP can supply all types of flanges and stub ends along with the PTFE lined field flare piping to fabricate the spool. You can purchase a full range of field flare tooling along with the piping.


ES1048ES1048 CS